What we do


Automatisation and test systems:

Automatic test system for precision pressure sensors wit PACE 6000 pressure controller

Measurement procedures according to DKD-6 or user defined

2 ranges up to > 200bar (2900 psi)

1 barometric referece

Accuracy up to 0,01% full scale

Alicat Reading and Calculaton Software


Example for readout an gas mass flowmeter with different reference conditions.

Grundfoss mA Wandler

PCB development, test and prototyping :


-Microchip 8 bit Industry processors

-RS232 RS485 Protocol

-NPN / PNP Inputs

-Analogue signal converting


Sample: Converter for Grundfos flowsensor signals (2 channels)
1 – 5 Volt – 4 – 20 mA

Steckverbinder für die Videoendoskopie

Soldering works

(even for smaller parts) according to the europe RoHS directive

PLC programmng IEC61131-2:

Beispiel Codesys IEC61131-2