What we do


Automatisation and test systems:

Automatic test system for precision pressure sensors wit PACE 6000 pressure controller

Measurement procedures according to DKD-6 or user defined

2 ranges up to > 200bar (2900 psi)

1 barometric referece

Accuracy up to 0,01% full scale

Alicat Reading and Calculaton Software


Example for readout an gas mass flowmeter with different reference conditions.

get here to the download page

Grundfoss mA Wandler

PCB development, test and prototyping :


-Microchip 8 bit Industry processors

-RS232 RS485 Protocol

-NPN / PNP Inputs

-Analogue signal converting


Sample: Converter for Grundfos flowsensor signals (2 channels)
1 – 5 Volt – 4 – 20 mA

Steckverbinder für die Videoendoskopie

Soldering works

(even for smaller parts) according to the europe RoHS directive

PLC programmng IEC61131-2:

Beispiel Codesys IEC61131-2